PuttOUT Premium Pressure Putt Trainer Set - Great Britain Limited Edition
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The key to great putting is practice and with the weather turning there is less chance of getting to the golf course in the evenings.

With this evolve Premium Pressure Putt Trainer you can take your practice to the next level. Winner of Golf Editors Choice Award 2021, it is the perfect tool to enhance your putting during the winter months.

Special features of this limited edition piece include an alignment stick holder, improved 'pop down' target and three alternate targets positioned on the base of the trainer.

The exclusive trainer is paired with a limited edition PuttOUT Deluxe Putting Mat (Great Britain Edition). The medium sized mat is designed to replicate a green with a stimpmeter reading of 10! Complete with markings up to 6 feet, alignment lines and pace targets, the PuttOUT Putting Mat is designed to give you the opportunity to practice every aspect of your putting game.

This pack comes with 4 drills to get you started with your new Mat. So, get prepared for the winter by ordering one of these exclusive sets today.