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How many times have you reached into your bag at the beginning of your round, and found an old worn out glove. Wet from the round before or worn out due to overuse. Then you either had to play with it, or make a quick dash to the pro shop when you should be on the tee. 

Your hands are your single point of contact with your club, so you will need a fresh glove with plenty of grip to play your best. That is why we created the Glove Connoisseur subscription.

Simply let us know your preferred glove brand and how often you want a glove, and we will send it directly to your door. Our flexible subscription allows you to change how often you receive a glove meaning you can tailor it around your game. Don't play as much in the problem, just switch to quarterly.


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An additional perk: Your subscription will allow you to access exclusive benefits through our clubhouse.

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