Men's Birdie Box (September 2022)

A box of exclusives! This is only the second time we featured Callaway, released new belt designs, included Bunkered for the first time and shared our Queen tribute poker chip with you. See this article for more details.

In September we featured Callaway as part I or a two part outfit. Given the temperatures are beginning to fall, we included the Chev Tech II Trousers and coupled this with an exclusive belt design from Airdropgolf. Finally, we included accessories in the box such as a Bunkered Magazine and our Queen Tribute Poker Chip.    

Callaway Chev Tech II Trousers

Voted 4.5/5 by golf monthly, these trouser were praised for their excellent fit and Opti Dri technology. The combination of polyester and elastane means these will fit almost any golfer, regardless of your leg shape. Tested over wet and dry days, these trousers really held up well and did an excellent job in wicking away moisture such as sweat. These are all round trousers and will be a staple part of any players golf wardrobe throughout the winter.

Airdropgolf Belt

We have had fantastic feedback on our webbed belts so we created new styles which were released exclusively for our September members. Designed to stretch with your swing, this belt is perfect for playing golf. It can be worn on the golf course, but due to its subtle branding, it can also be worn as a casual item when meeting friends for drinks or heading to the shops.

Bunkered Magazine

This was the latest edition of Bunkered Magazine. They are a company that has built up a great reputation for their articles and reviews over the years. They also host Bunkered Live, a show in February that is a must for any golf enthusiast

OnPar Nutrition Bar

The average golfer can burn around 1,000 calories on a round of golf resulting in a loss of energy and fatigue. This flapjack is packed with protein, carbs and fibre to ensure our members have everything they need to keep their game sharp.

Queen Tribute Poker Chip

With the sad news of our Queen passing away this month, we wanted to include something in your box to remember her by. This special edition poker chip featured the queen with her two trusty guards standing by.

The RRP of your box this month was £86, this is a saving of £31 from the purchase price. Therefore, with top brands delivered straight to your door at such a fantastic price, why wouldn’t you sign up for next month’s golf subscription box?
Wayne Bastian
23 September 2022