The October Box

You asked for it, we provided it! This month we include Adidas as the main apparel item. They are a fantastic, modern brand which you will see more of throughout the year.

This box was advertised as the Adidas box in response to your requests to see more of the brand. Therefore, we guaranteed an Adidas main apparel item. Given the conditions were getting even colder throughout October we were also keen to put a pullover in the box that was both warm and stylish.

Adidas Pullover (RRP £49.95) 
As with every box, the style of pullover you receive varied depending on the style you chose during sign up. Colours ranged from bright blue, red and then some were more subtle such as black with hints of white. Given Adidas is such a well-established brand in the industry we were expecting the tops to be good quality and they delivered. Customer feedback was that the tops were perfect for the time of the year and exactly what you were looking for.

Warwick House Bobble Hat (RRP £15.00)
As the temperatures started to drop going into winter, many golfers were switching the caps for bobble hats. Therefore, we included bobble hats that were chosen to match the gilets delivered in the previous box. The hats are very warm, include the Warwick House Branding and will help keep you on the course
during the harsh winter conditions.

Golf Ball Alignment Market (RRP £2.49)
One of the simple things that are overlooked by players is marking your ball in a way which can help with alignment. This includes both putting and hitting longer shots. Therefore, we included a stencil that had both a straight line for putting and draw / cut lines for shaping the golf ball. This simple golf accessory can be very effective, so we wanted to make sure that you had one for your bag. Airdropgolf is about equipping you for golf, whether that be clothing or golf equipment.

MaxGolfProtein Energy Bar (£2)
When you are out on the course you need some energy. However, most bars on the market are packed with sugar and not all that good for you. Therefore, we wanted to find something that was suitable for most players whilst also containing natural ingredients. This bar is dairy free, suitable for vegetarians and vegan friendly. We included the peanut flavour in this box to give you maximum variety.

Airdropgolf poker chip (£2)
You will find one of these in every delivery. They are a stylish way to mark your ball on the golf course and are sure to leave your playing partners asking about it. Each month we treat you with a different poker chip so you can collect them over time. Hang on to them as they could feature in a future VIP club….

We will continue to listen to your feedback and provide you with the brands you love. Our partnership with Adidas was the start of this development but there will be many more great brands in future boxes. The sum of our estimated RRP’s is £69.44. This is a massive saving of £19.44!

Wayne Bastian
13 January 2021