Men's Birdie Box (November 2021)

So, this is contraversial, a golf hoodie! Check out our blog to find out more about why we included a hoodie and our new partnership with Bridgestone Golf!

Warwick House Part Two!

So, this is controversial, a golf hoodie. Since Tyrell Hatton won the BMW Championship in an Adidas hoodie there has been much debate about whether these are acceptable golf clothing on the golf course. This is certainly true for traditional hoodies, but Warwick House have put a spin on theirs. By removing the pull cords and making the hood out of thinner materials, this piece is the perfect combination of comfort and practicality. However, we appreciate this isn’t for everyone which is why we have included the pull over in our golf box for you traditional players.

To complete the golf outfit and keep you warm, we have included the latest bobble hat from the WH21 range. The last edition from Warwick House was so popular when we included it in our golf box that we thought it was only right to bring you their latest release. 

We are also very excited to bring you golf balls from Bridgestone Golf which are perfect for the current conditions. Just try to keep hold of them.

Warwick House Golf Hoodie

Made from a light 4 way stretch fabric, this piece is not like your traditional golf hoodie. You will experience an athletic fit with no impact on your golf swing. This is further enhanced by the removal of draw strings to ensure there are no loose items that can get in the way and a lighter hood, so it doesn’t fall mid swing. For those of you receiving the golf pullover, you will benefit from the same 4 way stretch fabric and a quilted material finish to keep you warmer on the golf course.  

Warwick House Bobble Hat

This Warwick House golf bobble hat is the perfect accessory to keep you warm during the winter. Taken straight from the WH21 range, you are not only benefitting from a simplified design but also superior materials to help keep you insulated. This is the perfect item to include in your golf bag to help get you through the colder conditions.  

Bridgestone E12 Contact Golf Balls

When hitting a golf ball, you want maximum contact between the ball and the clubhead as it helps create distance and generate spin. Therefore, has it not occurred to you that the standard dimple golf ball design is inefficient? Bridgestone have corrected this by creating a raised area in the dimple design that increases contact surface area by 38%. The effect of this is a straight and longer golf shot.  

Airdropgolf poker chip

A regular feature in our golf boxes is the Airdropgolf poker chip. These come in different designs every month to keep things interesting. Poker chips are great to have around as for some reason they are one of those items that seem to get lost. These are also sure to spark a conversation on the 1st green so be careful which one you choose.

Looking ahead to next month we have men’s golf clothing from Callaway Golf. This along with our fantastic giveaway makes it the perfect time to sign up to our subscription box. Alternatively, if you know someone that loves the game, then why not buy them a one-time box. These really do make the perfect golf gift for men.

The RRP of your box this month is £82, this is a saving of £32 from the purchase price. Therefore, with top brands delivered straight to your door at such a fantastic price, why wouldn’t you sign up for next month?

Wayne Bastian
25 November 2021