Men's Birdie Box (November 2020)

Under Armour are another one of those modern golf brands and therefore the November box includes Under Armour trousers and an interesting twist on the traditional scorecard holder.

Over the last few months, we have included polos, pullovers, and gilets in the boxes so in November we wanted to include some golf trousers. These are for the golfers that are not crazy enough to live in shorts all year around.

Under Armour/FootJoy/Adidas Trousers (RRP £44.99) 
As we continue to bring you more top brands, we decided to go with the all-season trousers. These are light yet warm, meaning that they can be worn all year around. Depending on your style the trousers came in white (Under Armour), black (FootJoy) and light blue (Adidas). These are colours that can be worn with a variety of different apparel items so you can make maximum use of them.

Lucky Scorecard Holder (RRP £19.45)
Despite a shift to digital in the golf industry, we are still expected to manually complete scorecards. This can be difficult in the wet weather meaning scorecards get soft and difficult to write on. Therefore, we included a leather scorecard holder which will make things easier so you can maintain your focus whilst on the course.

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls (RRP £10.99)
As balls start to land soft in the wetter fairways and greens, we wanted to include a ball that had both feel and distance. Rather than resorted to a cheaper, harder ball, we found the Chrome Soft and Magna from Callaway. These should do the trick and keep you going in the colder, wetter conditions.

Airdropgolf poker chip (£2)
This month we revealed our new style poker chip. These are slicker and include fresh designs on the face. You will find one of these in every delivery. They are a stylish way to mark your ball on the golf course and are sure to leave your playing partners asking about it. Each month we treat you with a different poker chip so you can collect them over time. Hang on to them as they could feature in a future
VIP club….

As the seasons change, we will change the contents of the boxes to keep you looking great all year around. No longer do you have to worry about heading out on the course with gear that is not suitable for the conditions. The sum of our estimated RRP’s is £77.43 (some trousers were more expensive). This is a massive saving of £27.44!

Wayne Bastian
13 January 2021