Men's Birdie Box (March 2021)

As conditions start to improve, we are turning our attention to summer golf. Therefore, the items are thinner but we have included layers which can be worn with previous boxes.

As we start to see improved conditions, we wanted to prepare you for summer golf. Therefore, we included a couple of lighter layers in this month’s box, but still went for the long sleeve option. This way, the clothing will be suitable for you as the temperatures warm up. The box contained two main apparel items which is something we will do from time to time. Unfortunately, this means that there were no golf accessories.

Calvin Klein Pullover (RRP £59.99)

We are excited to bring you Calvin Klein this month! Given recent boxes have included several heavier items, we wanted to include this as a way of adding additional layers. It is light weight meaning that it can be worn through the summer months. The top boasts Smart-Tec moisture wicking to help keep you cool and dry and has UV protection.

Calvin Klein T-Shirt (RRP £19.99)

Although conditions are getting better, we are aware that you still need to keep warm during the Spring. Therefore, we included this long sleeve t-shirt which can act as a base layer. It can also be worn about the house during lockdown ensuring you get maximum usage out of it. The t-shirts are thin enough to be worn throughout the summer months but of course we will provide you with polos shortly.

Airdropgolf groove cleaner (RRP £2.49)

When we return to the course the ground is likely to be soft and therefore those beautifully cleaned clubs are going to become full of mud very quickly. This is why we have included a groove cleaner. Use it after every shot and ensure the grooves are clean from dirt to encourage maximum spin, especially on wedge shots.

Max Golf Protein Bar (£2)

These bars are organic, nut free, gluten free and vegan friendly making them the perfect snack for your first round back. Let’s be honest, we are all going to struggle a little, so a bit of extra energy is going to make a big difference. If you haven’t heard of these guys before then you should check them out. They are already working with the likes of ‘Beef’ and no doubt will have some excellent collaborations to come.

Airdropgolf poker chip (£2) 

A regular feature in our boxes is the Airdropgolf poker chip. These come in different designs every month to keep things interesting. Poker chips are great to have around as for some reason they are one of those items that seem to get lost. Just remember to try and keep hold of them as they may come in handy for one of our future offerings…

The cost of this box was £49.99 (including delivery). The sum of our estimated RRP’s is £86.47. This is a saving of £36.48! However, remember that it isn’t all about the price. We are bringing great items, in your style, directly to your door!

Wayne Bastian
23 March 2021