Men's Birdie Box (June 2021)

The sun is back out, the shorts we delivered in April are getting some use, and now it’s time to complete the outfit. Check out our Adidas edition part two.

The sun is back out, the shorts we delivered in April are getting some use, and now it’s time to complete the outfit. This month we included an Adidas polo from the SS21 range that was chosen to go perfectly with those shorts. We also included an Airdropgolf exclusive in the form of a woven stretch belt, and an Adidas golf glove.

Adidas polo (RRP £35)

Adidas launched this polo for the summer season 2021 and we got hold of it for you. Taken from their primegreen range, this top is made from recycled materials, thus lowering its impact on the environment. This is something we are very proud to support, offering bio-degradable tissue paper ourselves. The polo looks great, is light weight, stretchy and breathable, ensuring you look your best on the course no matter where you are. 

Airdropgolf Woven Stretch Belt (RRP £25)

You will occasionally see Airdropgolf branded items in the boxes. However, these are not cheap imitations, they are the real deal. This woven stretch belt not only looks fantastic with the silver belt buckle, but also offers a stetch fit to give you greater comfort during your swing. These will go perfectly with the Adidas shorts you received in April. 

Adidas Golf Glove (RRP £15)

New from Adidas this year is their golf glove. This all-leather glove not only looks great but has a luxurious feel and offers a snug fit. So, slide this glove in your back pocket and get out in these fantastic sunny conditions.

We can expect to see some new and exciting designs coming from Adidas and we will be sure to bring them to you.

On Par Nutrition Protein Bar (RRP £2)

The conditions out there are hot and that can be draining. Therefore, we have included an On Par Nutrition flap jack to keep your energy levels high. These bars are high energy, high fibre and contain 15g of protein per bar!

Airdropgolf poker chip (£2)

A regular feature in our boxes is the Airdropgolf poker chip. These come in different designs every month to keep things interesting. Poker chips are great to have around as for some reason they are one of those items that seem to get lost. Just remember to try and keep hold of them as they may come in handy for one of our future offerings…

The RRP of your box this month is £79, this is a saving of £29 from the purchase price. With a delivery of goods delivered straight to your door at such a fantastic price, why wouldn’t you sign up for next month?
Wayne Bastian
20 June 2021