Men's Birdie Box (January 2021)

Why so serious? Given lockdown and the courses closing, we wanted to add some fun to our January boxes. These Duffa Golf polos do just the job with a simple yet playful design, alongside a top quality ping beanie.

January sees the return of lockdown which unfortunately means staying at home and not playing golf. Therefore, we wanted to add a bit of fun to our boxes for this month with some bright and elaborate polos from Duffa golf. There have been plenty of warmer items such as pullovers and trousers in recent boxes and very few polo tops. Polo tops are great items to have all year around, even if you are going to wear it under another layer.

Duffa Golf / Warwick House (RRP £40) 
Duffa Golf are a relatively new brand to the market. However, we were impressed with their designs which were minimalistic, yet still had enough to inject a bit of fun into our golf. Also, the quality of their shirts is fantastic which is why we decided to share them with you in January.  Alongside this, we included a Warwick House polo top for our traditional golfers. Their signature polo
range is simple yet classy and containing 12% Spandex, the freedom of movement is second to none.

Ping Beanie (RRP £17)
Given we are in the middle of winter and we can’t get on the course, we wanted to bring you something which would both keep you warm and can be worn on those daily lockdown walks. Therefore, we chose to include a ping beanie hat which was tailored to each style. Ping is a company well renowned for producing quality gear in the golf world and the beanies do not disappoint.

Sub70 Golf Towel (RRP £10)
We have not yet included a golf towel in our boxes and therefore want to equip you ready for the courses re-opening. These Sub70 towels are very stylish feature a faded look which blends nicely into your stye type. The towels were chosen to match the colour of the polo you received to keep you looking coordinated on the course.

Airdropgolf poker chip (£2)
A regular feature in our boxes is the Airdropgolf poker chip. These come in different designs every month to keep things interesting. Poker chips are great to have around as for some reason they are one of those items that seem to get lost. Just remember to try and keep hold of them as they may come in handy for one of our future offerings…

Airdropgolf tees (£1)
This was a little extra for the January box. Featuring our signature orange colour, these tees will add a bit of style to your tee box routine. Also, being made of wood they are better for the environment that the plastic alternatives.

The cost of this box was £49.99. The sum of our estimated RRP’s is £70. This is a saving of £20.01 on the recommended retail price for these items.

On a final note from us, just remember to stay positive and keep safe. The courses will re-open and they will play like never before. Fairways will be divot less, greens will have fully repaired from previous pitch marks and barren patches would have had a chance to recover. 2021 is going to be a great golf season!

Wayne Bastian
05 February 2021