Men's Birdie Box (December 2021)

It's Callaway month! We are excited to bring you golf clothing from our latest partnership brand, Callaway! This is the first time you will have seen them in our boxes but you can be assured, it won't be the last!

Callaway month!

We have been promising Callaway in our golf subscription boxes for some time now and this month we did not disappoint! With winter fully upon us, our Christmas box was designed to give you what you need to stay out on the course for longer. We also wanted to include something which will last you through the season rather than just the winter. This month’s drop was the perfect balance between golf clothing and golf accessories.

Callaway Swing Tech Vest

This versatile vest from the new Callaway range is perfect for the cool, windy days out on the golf course. Lightweight and thermal properties provide warmth but without all the bulkiness of a big heavy jacket. As the name suggests, the Swing-Tech vest allows full freedom of movement whilst keeping the body warm and allowing you to concentrate on the round ahead. Perfect for the varying weather conditions we often experience in the U.K

We were really excited to kick off our relationship with Callaway this month and it is a brand which you will see more of as the season progresses.

Airdropgolf towel

With soft fairways and boggy conditions, you will need something to clean your golf clubs and golf balls. The problem with traditional towels is they tend to be quite plain. Therefore, we have designed our own Airdropgolf towel which you can add to your bag for that extra bit of colour. The microfibre material means the towel is lightweight and absorbent. Let us know your thoughts on the design.  

Callaway Pitchmark Repairer

So, you now have the Callaway golf gilet, and you need some accessories to go with it. Well, we have you covered. With soft greens prone to pitch marks, this Callaway Customs repairer is the perfect addition for your bag. Furthermore, the magnetic marker is nicely hidden in the design but will prove very useful when you need to clean your golf ball on the green. This is a chance to really show off your new premium brand to all your friends!

Allan Davies Swing Review

Winter is the perfect time to make those all-important golf swing changes that will help you get to the next level. It is also a time when some golf courses are closed so you might find yourself down the driving range. This is why we included a free swing review by Allan Davies. Simple film your swing and send it to Allan using the details on the leaflet you received, and he will give you some tips. 

Airdropgolf poker chip

A regular feature in our golf boxes is the Airdropgolf poker chip. These come in different designs every month to keep things interesting. Poker chips are great to have around as for some reason they are one of those items that seem to get lost. These are also sure to spark a conversation on the 1st green so be careful which one you choose.

The RRP of your box this month is £82, this is a saving of £32 from the purchase price. Therefore, with top brands delivered straight to your door at such a fantastic price, why wouldn’t you sign up for next month’s golf subscription box?
Wayne Bastian
26 January 2022