The December Box

It’s Christmas! This is our most valuable box yet, including a Walrus Golf apparel pullover, an Island Green polo top and some Druids mittens. We also ran our massive giveaway including a Sink putter worth £250!

December is the month of giving so we wanted to make sure your boxes were packed with fantastic products. As temperatures drop and golf hoodies start to become more popular, largely driven by Tyrell Hatton, we wanted to include some warmer items in the December box. We announced the inclusion of a hoodie
before the box went out and made it available to anyone that responded to our email or was signed up for the athletic range. This was not rolled out for all our styles as the item of clothing is still controversial in the golf world, and we didn’t feel it matched styles such as Traditional or Loud and Proud.

Walrus Golf Apparel Pullover / Hoodie (RRP £55.00) 
Walrus Golf Apparel are a brand that slide under the radar. However, the quality of their clothing is fantastic and with early access to their new range, including them in the boxes was an easy decision. Athletic style subscribers received either a black or grey hoodie, the Traditional and Mixed styles received the iconic Walrus Apparel pullovers, and the Loud & Proud style received the brand new
Cammo design pullover. All of these are excellent quality and great for the winter.

Island Green Polo Top (RRP £19.99)
Island Green have just released their new range and we managed to get our hands on it early. The polo tops are light, leading to easy movement whilst on the course, and come with new sleek designs. Depending on your style may have received the striped design in either blue or black, white dotted design, a blue bar polo, or the contrast design. Some Loud and Proud subscribers even received a bright green polo top! The polos were chosen to match the main apparel item from Walrus Golf Apparel.

Druids Golf Mittens (RRP £24.99)
Anyone that has been on the course in the last couple of months will know that it is incredibly cold! Therefore, we wanted to include some golf mittens that you can slide on between shots to warm your hands. Druids are a relatively new brand in the golf world but are making big strides. The quality of their apparel is fantastic, and this is also true for their mittens. These are both warm and stylish. Being black and white they can be paired with most clothing styles meaning you can look great on the course all year around!

Airdropgolf poker chip (£2)
A regular feature in our boxes is the Airdropgolf poker chip. These come in different designs every month to keep things interesting. Poker chips are great to have around as for some reason they are one of those items that seem to get lost. Just remember to try and keep hold of them as they may come in handy for one of our future offerings…

The cost of this box was £49.99 which as you can see from above, is less than the price of the pullover alone. We pass on discounts to you so you are always guaranteed a box that will exceed a £49.99 RRP. The sum of our estimated RRP’s is £101.98. This is a massive saving of £51.98!

Wayne Bastian
13 January 2021