The August Box

Welcome to Airdropgolf! This is the first of our boxes and perfect for the summer months. Featuring a Callaway cap, Srixon Golf Balls, and a Druids polo, we did not shy away from the big brands.

Airdropgolf launched in August 2020 so this was our first ever box. However, we were very proud with the relationships we had already built with great brands and the way the box was received. Given we were still in the summer golf season it made sense to pack the box full of summer gear so you could use it straight away. We included the following items:

Druids golf polo (RRP £39.99)
This company have been making massive inroads into the golf industry in recent years. This is driven by the quality of their clothing and great customer service. Their polo top is stylish (featuring the D logo on the collar) and very light weight meaning it leaves plenty flexibility to swing your club. This was the perfect main apparel item for the summer conditions.

Callaway golf cap (RRP £14.99)
Given the summer months were drawing to an end and the sun was sitting lower in the sky, we wanted to give you a stylish cap to wear on the course. Callaway have been producing great caps for years, so it was an easy choice for us. Being white it fits nicely with pretty much any polo you want to wear. Giving you items that fit together is a key focus for us.

Srixon Q Star golf balls (RRP £9.99)
The summer months would have taken its toll on courses across the country making the ground firm. Therefore, we wanted to provide you with a soft golf ball that would help give you some feel back in these conditions. The Srixon Q Star golf ball was the perfect choice given its soft feel, but also great distance figures.

MaxGolfProtein Energy Bar (£2)
When you are out on the course you need some energy. However, most bars on the market are packed with sugar and not all that good for you. Therefore, we wanted to find something that was suitable for most players whilst also containing natural ingredients. This bar is dairy free, suitable for vegetarians and vegan friendly. Ingredients include banana, cashew nuts and raisins. It is not completely sugar free but one of the best solutions we could find.

Airdropgolf poker chip (£2)
You will find one of these in every delivery. They are a stylish way to mark your ball on the golf course and are sure to leave your playing partners asking about it. Each month we treat you with a different poker chip so you can collect them over time. Hang on to them as they could feature in a future VIP club….

Given this was our first box, we offered a one-off promotional discount meaning that customers only paid £39.99. The sum of our estimated RRP’s is £68.97. This is a massive saving of £28.98!

Wayne Bastian
09 February 2021